1.    What will be the mode of payment?

Ans. Payments can be made through the following mediums:

  • Credit Cards , Debit Cards, Net Banking Options 

  • Cash-on-delivery option NOT available 

  • Direct bank account transfer (Your shopping amount must be more than Rs.1000/- )

2.    Are my credit card number / bank account number secure?

Ans. Credit card details are accepted through SSL protocol. Scripts capable of processing credit card transactions securely power all the transactions. This ensures that the information is encrypted before being transmitted.

3. If I have made the bank transfer, how you will locate the order amount with your accounts department?

Ans. You should send scanned copy of bank transfer or send us the RTGS/NEFT/Transaction reference number at ajcreations@gmail.com so that we can locate your order amount with our accounts department. In case we don't received any information from buyer's side as requested above, we shall not process any order till such information received. The information must be sent only from the registered e-mail ID, which is used for order booking. Information received from any other e-mail shall not be accepted and no dispatch shall be made. In case we don't received such information within 30 days of making of payment, the order shall not be processed and you can take refund after a deduction of Rs.500/- as processing charges till six months of making the payment. After six months no claim shall be entertained whatsoever. 

4. What about if I made the payment twice for any order, then what the options are available for me?

Ans. If we receive payment twice for any order then we will charge only for one.

5.Difference between Release and Refund?

Ans. If in any case we have to return your order amount and we have not charged your account, in such case we will release the order amount to your account and you will not get any debit or credit entry with your credit card statement. If we have charged your account and then we have to refund for order amount, in such case it will call refund and you will get the credit or debit entry with your credit card statement.

6. What about if you have made the refund for part payment, can I get second time refund?

Ans. We can make refund only one time for an order, if we have refunded part payment for your order amount, in such case we will not be able to make refund in second time.


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